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In-Studio COVID-19 Protocols Newborn Sessions in Step 2

Thank you for supporting small local businesses by considering me as your newborn photographer. While in the studio, my client's safety is extremely important to me. I have set in place protocols to protect myself, you, your family, and especially your newborn while the studio. I ask that you please follow these protocols exactly as they are laid out in order to protect all clients and their families

During this time, I am offing in-studio newborn sessions
. The following protocols must be followed. If at any time during your sessions they are not followed, your session may end and your deposit will be forfeited. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Masks are mandatory, they must be worn properly (covering face and nose) at all times during the session. Masks are not to be taken off at all during the session. Please reframe from eating or drinking while in the studio.

  • At this time, I am not offering traditional parent/newborn images that would require masks to be removed. Also, I am not offering sibling images, nor are children permitted in the studio at this time. 

  • A maximum of 2 adults (from the same household) as well as your newborn will be permitted in the studio during the session.

  • Booties will be provided to you before entering. Please use them over your shoes and keep them on during your time in the studio.

  • You must sanitize your hands before entering. I ask that you please wash or sanitize your hands again if you touch your nose, mouth or inside your mask while in the studio.

  • There will be a bin inside the studio for you to place any personal items in. This is to limit surface contact of personal items. The bin is not sealed, and you have full access to your items at all times. The bin will be sanitized between each session. Please use it. 

  • During this time I will not be offering completely naked newborn images in-order to minimize sanitation needs

  • All sessions will be booked after you have been out of the hospital for a minimum of 14 days. If during which time you or any member of your household develop any covid-like symptoms you MUST inform me and we will need to reschedule our session.

  • If you, or anyone in your household has travelled outside of Ontario, been in contact with anyone that’s traveled outside Ontario, or been in contact with anyone that has or is suspected of having Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19 (regardless of a negative test result); you MUST inform me and we will reschedule your session.

  • If you or anyone in your house hold has flu-like symptoms or feels unwell in any way or been in contact with anyone that feels unwell; you MUST tell me immediately and we will reschedule your session. If you attempt to attend your session while you, your partner or your newborn is unwell, the session will be canceled immediately. It will not be rescheduled and your deposit is forfeit. Please do NOT attempt to hide your symptoms and attend a session if you, your partner or newborn are unwell.

  • The process: After receiving your PPE outside, you will then enter through the front door. For anyone new to the studio, this is a home-based studio. You must walk through my living room area and make your way to the basement/studio entrance. The studio takes up the entire lower level. 

  • I request you remain in the studio area for the entire session. I ask you not leave for smoking breaks or to get things from your car, etc. Please try to plan ahead for these things. If a situation occurs where someone MUST leave the studio before the session has ended, please be aware I will need to stop the session. Pack away anything that needs my supervision that’s being used during the session and accompany the person upstairs to the front entrance and back to the studio; so I ask that this only be done under exceptional circumstances.

  • Lastly, The studio is set up to openly display props, wrap, blankets, headbands, ect. I ask that you please not touch the props during this time.




Thank you for your understanding during this time.
I’m happy to be able to provide this service to you and your family - safely!



Mi Zen Photography

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