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         My Story
 A little bit about how I got into photography in the first place...
I was 25, happily married, owned a home, and had a successful career in sales. What else could you ask for? Yet, something was missing in my life. My job lacked passion and fulfilment. I needed to follow my heart. So, with the support of my amazing husband, we sold our home and rented a basement apartment. I left my job and went back to school... "WHAT?", I thought to myself, "What am I doing?" At that time in my life I thought this was one of the craziest and scariest decisions I had ever made. I was basically tossing aside everything I had ever worked for. But, two years later I graduated from George Brown College with a certificate in Digital Photography. After a lot of work I slowly got my business rolling. Now, I look back and think “Ha! That was one of the bravest and smartest decisions I ever made!"      


     I’m now 37, my business is over 10 years old! I love what I do! I have the best job ever! I love capturing memories. I love making beautiful art with my clients. I love meeting new people and building friendships. I also love giving my clients photos they will always treasure and pass down to their children for them to treasure; which brings me to why I choose family photography specifically. I think passing these photos down to your children is very special. Both of my parents have passed away. I only have a photos of them now. My memories of them are crystal clear, but I can’t show my child those memories, I can’t physically hold memories in my hands, or put them in a frame to look at. I think sometime parents get too caught up with capturing photos of just their children. Parents often forget how important it is to be in the photo with their children because long after mom and dad are finished treasuring the photos of their family, their children will continue to treasure those very photos of you and them together. I am also a new mom now (2022). As I update my age and details each year in this section of my website, I have truly rediscovered the message I wrote here. I do not look the same as the 25 year old that started this photography adventure. I'm not a fan of getting in front of my camera, but I do it anyway. Not for me, for my son!

     What better choice of a career than to give families that, right? So, be prepared to have the love you share as a family be captured in a photograph for you to hold in your hands, frame on you walls, love with all your heart, and to be treasured for generations!


     I look forward to meeting you and your family! Please, feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram and get to know me and my business better!


-Jessi Mizen Breen





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